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Short Review Authors News

Chrissie Gittins (whose collection Family Connections is reviewed here) will be reading from her collection at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Monday 11th August 4.30pm, at the Writer’s Retreat, with Gerard Woodward and Gerard Donavan. Also a poet, Chrissie will be giving a solo children’s poetry performance at Edinburgh in the RBS Theatre, also Monday 11th August, at 11.30pm.

Guernica has an interview with Ursula K. Le Guin (her collection, The Birthday of the World is reviewed here):

Guernica: Why do you think so much new literary fiction takes on fantasy and science fiction, and what sort of thoughts do you have about this? Or popular culture, for that matter? Why do you think we’re reaching for aliens, ghosts and vampires so often these days?

Ursula K. Le Guin: I don’t think we’re doing so, any more than we always did! I think what’s happening is, it’s all—fantasy, science fiction, ghosts, trolls, whatever—finally being called, being admitted to be literature. The way it used to be, before the Realists and the bloody Modernists took over. Joshua fit the battle of Jericho, and the walls came atumblin’ down.

Read the rest of the interview.

One comment on “Short Review Authors News

  1. Andrew Tibbetts
    April 29, 2008

    Hey, Tania, this is a great blog. I’m just looking through some posts now and I’m discovering some very interesting authors I hadn’t come across before. Great service!


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