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Fifty-Two Stories

Fifty-Two Stories with Cal Morgan

At Harper Perennial, where I work, we traffic in stories of all kinds. And we have a special fondness for the short story—self-contained, crystalline, newborn, perfect. This year we’re celebrating the thriving art of the story by sharing a new one every week: most of them new, a few of them classics, from authors you know and some you don’t, each of them treasurable in its language or wit or human insight. And we’d love to have you join us! Watch this space and enjoy.

Thanks to BookFox for pointing me towards this great site… all about the short story! They add a new story each week – obviously, since it’s 52 stories – and this week’s is by Tom Piazza and begins:

“Fuck you. Fuck you. Stay the fuck out of my dressing room. I’m not the fucking janitor here, and I don’t want you the fuck in my dressing room.”

Previous stories by Mary Gaitskill, Simon Van Booy and Tony O’Neill. They also seem open to submissions. Find out more: Fifty-Two Stories with Cal Morgan

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One comment on “Fifty-Two Stories

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