The Short Review

shining the spotlight on short story collections

Feb 2009 Issue

Not so much love in the air as revenge, lovers’ quarrels, and things that pass for love, but with one happy man who may have been kissed by….under the old devil moon. And some twisted tales, which may make you mad to live for one more year, or drive you to drinking coffee elsewhere.

To foreshadow March’s Small Press month, seven reviews of collections from the independent publishers who keep the short story alive and deserve our admiration and support. More in March.


Things that Pass for Love, by Allison Amend
Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, edited by Kasia Boddy, Ali Smith and Sarah Wood
A Happy Man by Axel Thormählen
One More Year, by Sana Krasikov
Old Devil moon by Christopher Fowler
Mad to Live, by Randall Brown
Kissed By, by Alexandra Chasin
Getting Even: Revenge Stories edited by Mitzi Szereto
Drinking Coffee Elsewhere by ZZ Packer
Twisted Tails III: Pure Fear edited by J. Richard Jacobs

Allison Amend, Randall Brown, Alexandra Chasin, Christopher Fowler, Mitzi Szereto and Axel Thormählen tell us how they write, what they might ask someone who has read their book, and what “story” means to them.

Head over there. Happy reading!


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