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Exciting Times: World Book Day & Small Press Month, and some congratulations

Today, March 5th, is World Book Day, and March is Small Press Month. So – what are you reading right now? The screen of your mobile phone? Your friends’ Facebook updates? Nothing at all? Come on, get to it, there is so much to read that if you start now, you might just scratch the surface of great writing.

If we’re talking about short story collections, the small press and independent publishers are the wonderful, brave and inspiring souls keeping the industry afloat. They publish what (foolish) others won’t, simply because of length, and they also take risks with writing that is adventurous, experimental, different. Don’t just applaud – read a small press book today! To see what we’ve reviewed on The Short Review, visit that section of the Categories page.

Congratulations to Tobias Wolff who has won the $20,000 Story prize for his collection, Our Story Begins. His short story, Bullet in the Brain, is the sort of astonishing writing that has stayed with me for all the years since I first read it. Congratulations also to runners up Jhumpa Lahiri’s best-selling Unaccustomed Earth (which we reviewed here) and Joe Meno’s Demons in the Spring.

What are you waiting for? Stop reading this blog, and go fondle a book.

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