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Sunday Times Short Story Prize Longlist

The first annual Sunday Times short story competition, at £25,000 for a single story now the most lucrative prize in the world for writers published in the UK, has announced its longlist, with several Short Review authors featured. Good luck to all!

Here’s the full list:

• Richard Beard – James Joyce, EFL Teacher
• Nicholas Best – Souvenir
• Sylvia Brownrigg – Jocasta
• John Burnside – Slut’s Hair
• Will Cohu – Nothing But Grass
• Joe Dunthorne – Critical Responses To My Last Relationship
Petina GappahAn Elegy for Easterly
• Jackie Kay – Reality, Reality
A.L. Kennedy Saturday Teatime
Adam MarekFewer Things
• Charles Mosley – Constraint
• Chris Paling – The Red Car
• Ron Rash – Burning Bright
• Simon Robson – Will There Be Lions?
Kay SextonAnubis and the Volcano
• Helen Simpson – Diary of an Interesting Year
• C.K. Stead – Last Season’s Man
• Rose Tremain – The Jester of Astapovo
• Gerard Woodward – Legoland
• David Vann – It’s Not Yours

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