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Scott Prize Winners

Salt Publishing have announced  the winners of their inaugural Scott Prize for Short Fiction. Congratulations to
the four authors whose debut short story collections will be published later this year:

Patrick Holland (Australia): The Source of Sound
David Mullins (US): Longing to Love You
Susannah Rickards (UK): Hot Kitchen Snow
Tom Vowler (UK): They May Not Mean To But They Do

The shortlist:

Ben Cheetham: The Hate Club (UK)

Alexandra Fox: Roundabouts (UK)

Miriam Hastings: Demon Lovers (UK)

Patrick Holland: The Source of Sound (Australia)

Sandra Jensen: A Sort of Walking Miracle (Ireland)

Laurence Klavan: Family Unit and Other Fantasies (US)

Wes Lee: This Animal Kingdom and Other Stories (NZ)

Mary McCluskey: Gift to the Dark Gods (UK)

David Philip Mullins: Longing to Love You (US)

Susannah Richards: Hot Kitchen Snow and Other Stories (UK)

Tom Vowler: They May Not Mean To But They Do (UK)

Joel Willians: Buy Ma Biscuits or Kiss Ma Fish (UK)

    4 comments on “Scott Prize Winners

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