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Short Story Month

May was declared National Short Story Month in the US by Dan Wickett of the Emerging Writers Network a few years ago, and, wonderfully, others have followed his lead. Doesn’t matter whether you are US-based, here’s a great excuse to celebrate the short story even more than we do already! A few links to get you started:

Emerging Writers Network – reviews and discussions of short stories

Fiction Writers Review – a giveaway in honour of SSM!

Canada’s National Post’s Short Story Month  – Q&As with writers

BookFox’s Short Story Month posts – excellent short story discussions

NextRead – reviews of short story collections for Short Story Month

SeattlePI – article about SSM

Reading the Short Story – blog discussing short stories

Let me know if you’ve got another link for me to add…

And if that’s not enough – just check out all the short story collections and author interviews we’ve amassed in 2 1/2 years over at The Short Review, of course!


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