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Fringe magazine calls The Short Review "juicy"!

A lovely write-up on the excellent Fringe magazine’s blog today, and a mini-interview with me about how The Short Review came about. Here’s an excerpt:

Finding short fiction worth reading is no easy task for the average reader; outside of the annual Houghton Mifflin Best American Short Stories anthology, the publishing world gives readers little direction as to where to find the best contemporary short fiction. The Short Review, an online literary review magazine and blog, seeks to fill this gap.

The Short Review is more an online journal than blog. Each monthly issue reviews ten short story collections, and interviews the authors if possible.  Collections may be new, older, or classic. Reviewers are short fiction writers themselves. The reviews are lengthy and rife with juicy excerpts and thoughtful impressions. 

Read the rest of the blog post here

One comment on “Fringe magazine calls The Short Review "juicy"!

  1. Sarah Hilary
    October 8, 2010

    Lovely blog post! Great to see the word is getting around. I've been looking for #StorySunday contributions and have found some, so that's good too.


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