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Best British Short Stories 2012 Wants to Hear From You

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I mentioned a while ago on my personal blog that Best British Short Stories is back, resurrected by my publisher, Salt Publishing, and edited by Nicholas Royle. He has just finalised the list of stories for the first edition, the 2011 edition, which will be published in April 2011 (see the list here – I’m delighted that it includes No Angel by Bernie McGill, which I chose as 2nd prize winner in the Sean O’Faolain competition), quite a mammoth task, he is to be applauded! And now he wants to know what British short story writers are up to this year.

He told me he wants short stories published “anywhere, could be in American publications or wherever. And not just literary mags – anthologies, newspapers, online etc.” But before you get excited and start firing off your beautiful publications to him, he cautions: “People need to be selective, ie not like I was when sending to Giles Gordon & David Hughes for Best Short Stories, way back.” If all of us bombard him with everything we have published this year, he will be swamped. So wait, think about it, be choosy. And check out the anthologies Nicholas has already edited (to start with, read The Short Review’s review of ’68: New Stories from Children of the Revolution).

And then, when you’re ready, send them to: or hard copies to Nicholas Royle at Manchester Writing School, Geoffrey Manton Building, MMU, Rosamond St West, Manchester M15 6LL

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