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I write short stories, amongst other things.  I’m hoping to post some interesting links here once every seven days or so, hence the weak pun. It’s a highly personal selection, but if you see something you’d like mentioned, I’d very much like to hear from you. Please get in touch at badaude-at-gmail-dot-com, or @badaude. I’m particularly interested in small press and online publishing, in translation, and international writing, and in what, for want of a better handle, could be called experimental work.

“Why hadn’t he been turned into a fish? Or a sunflower? A fish or a sunflower made sense. More sense, anyway, than this human being, Gregor Samsa.” MuraKafka – Murakami reimagines Metamorphosis at the New Yorker.

“And where Flann O’Brien studies are concerned, in what complete and novel sporting pastime do we find ourselves engaged? A whole new ball game.” Jonathan Coe on the newly published short fiction of Flann O’Brien at the LRB, also a good assessment by Julian Gough at NYT (“Writing the early novels he wrote to the level of Joyce, and attained it; writing for The Irish Digest, he wrote to the level of the average writer in The Irish Digest, and attained it.”).

Chris Kraus recommends The Company She Keeps, short stories by Mary McCarthy, at Clustermag.

Delighted to discover Pushkin Press recently published Gripari’s Good Little Devil, stories for children translated by Sophie Lewis, who is also editor at large the excellent And Other Stories. I love these knowing fables so much I’ve been known to translate them on the hoof for the under-10s.

“My problem with the grand traditional novel—or rather traditional narrative in general, short stories included—is the vision of character, the constant reinforcement of a fictional selfhood.” Tim Parks – the problem with fiction – at NYRB.

Today Unthank published The Red Room, stories inspired by the Brontës, and their 4th Unthology – congratulations!


Is it OK to link to something I’ve written? I’ve no idea. There’s a story from, and a giveaway of, my newly-published collection, Fractals at The New Inquiry.

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