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Week Links: Long Shorts

“How long is Grand Theft Auto?” Philip Hensher at The Guardian Books on why short stories are as long as big books.

Wouldn’t that be novella? Julian Gough on “Bookeens” at The Irish Independent.

This week I read The Calligraphy Lesson: a long short by Mikhail Shishkin. I’ve been told to read his novel, Maidenhair, but I’m not sure I’m tough enough.

Websites: National Short Story Week starts on Monday. There’s a clear, useful site, with slightly uninspiring design (clip-art alert),  here. And, just launched: The Story Player –  shorts read aloud – and Short Story Ireland (resources aimed at writers than readers).


This weekly links post is usually stuff I’ve read myself, but if you have a link you’d like to see here, please let me know at badaude-at-gmail-dot-com or @badaude on Twitter.

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