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Week Links: Short Story Week

Short Stops, The Short Review’s sister site,  is a new resource site for the short story in the UK and Ireland.

The new Unthology is now open for submissions.

Spolia Magazine’s Hysteria issue looks worth reading with a mix of short fiction and otherwriting by Rebecca Brown, Ana María Shua, A Codrescu, Sjón, Suzanne Scanlon and David Hayden.


I like the look of David Gaffney’s Errata Slips, which convert non-fiction into short stories.


This week I’ve read Russian short stories:

Chekhov’s tiny After The Theatre, on Ali Smith’s advice.

The Crocodile (“At last, with a final gulp, the crocodile swallowed my cultured friend”) by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

I have a short story in Russian at the excellent European Short Story Network. It’s also in English and French.

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