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Week Links: Christmas Presence

The Book Trust has a short story advent calendar with a story/collection recommendation for each day leading up to Christmas.

If anyone’s listening, here are a few collections I’d like for Christmas. Maybe you would too…

Gaitskill’s Bad Behavior


Rower’s If You’re a Girl


Calloway’s What Purpose Did I Serve in Your Life?


Feneon’s Novels in Three Lines (the original Flash Fiction).


In 2014 I’d like to see new editions of

Dino Buzzati


Jean Rhys’s collected short stories – surprisingly difficult to get your hands on as the last edition was published over 20 years ago (here’s one read – again – by Miette, here).

I’ve bought people subscriptions to these excellent (though not all, or even mostly, short story) publishers:

Peirene Press



How about you? Please leave links to stories or collections you’d like to give, or receive, in the comments box.

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