The Short Review

shining the spotlight on short story collections


the short review brings you original reviews of new, not-quite-so-new and classic collections and anthologies, written by reviewers many of whom are also short story writers themselves and who love short fiction.

To ensure some measure of objectivity, we ask that none of our reviewers review the work of an author or publisher that they have any connection to (at least at the time of writing the review).

We also try and interview as many of the authors we review as possible. And occasionally we blog about all things short story – and short story collection-related!

Diane Becker
Editor, The Short Review


“I love short stories. I love writing them and I love reading them. But it’s not so easy to find reviews of short story collections, especially ones published by small presses. They just don’t get the column inches. It’s no wonder they don’t sell well – or that publishers think readers don’t want to read short stories. So I thought I would create a space just for short story collections and anthologies, to give them their turn in the spotlight.

Ok, I have to confess – my motives are not entirely pure. My first short story collection, The White Road and Other Stories, was published in Sept 2008 by Salt Publishing, my second, My Mother Was An Upright Piano: Fictions, in May 2012 by Tangent Books, and many other writer friends have also published collections recently. Looking around to see where collections get exposure, who takes notice when a new collection is published, is still a sobering experience, things have not improved much since 2008. the short review is my attempt to redress the balance. Happy reading!”

Tania Hershman
Founding Editor, The Short Review

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