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The Short Review publishes reviews of short story collections and anthologies of short form fiction as well as the occasional Q&A column with authors.

Autumn/Winter 2015

Yes, we’ve been very quiet here at The Short Review. Sorry about that. As much as we wanted to respond to every email and request for review, we couldn’t keep up with the wonderful, yet ever increasing flow of newly published short story collections and anthologies, nor could Tania and I afford a system that would deal efficiently with the iceberg of (not wonderful) admin TSR generates.

So we pressed PAUSE … Last year Tania left to focus on her new book and PhD, while I challenged myself to find a sustainable way to continue The Short Review longterm. With no funding the way forward has to be slow, with less admin, which will mean less contact overall with authors and publishers.

Please continue to tell us about your newly published and forthcoming publications. We do read all your emails and will grab anything that catches our eye. Don’t worry, if we think we can find a reviewer for your book, we will be in touch!

Reviewers: We work with a small number of reviewers who are either writers of short fiction or recent MA students or graduates. We value our reviewers and have great respect for the work they do for free. So sorry we cannot pay you. Please be patient if we take a while to reply to your request.

Contact: editor (at) theshortreview (dot) com

And, finally, while we may be staying small and SLOW – we have a great resource here for readers of short stories. Too much here to let it go. Happy Reading.

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